Rust-free, spark-free and... delamination-free! SOUCY HD impact bar gives you all these benefits and a lifetime warranty against delamination.
We have most SOUCY HD impact bars in stock, so they will be delivered to you within 30 days of your order.
Soucy Plastiques inc.
The company offers a full product line made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), overmolded with rubber, with metal or polymer inserts. Soucy Plastiques has devoted all its expertise to optimizing the materials and design of the SOUCY HD impact bar.

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SOUCY HD impact bars
Incomparable resistance
Lasts 55% longer than other bars on the market.

UHMW-PE: an ultra-resistant polymer

The SOUCY HD impact bar uses the highest quality UHMW-PE polymer giving the product added longevity. The type of rubber selected was studied thoroughly to ensure impact absorption while avoiding rebound.

Available sizes : 24", 48", 60" and 3 or 4" thick.


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Comparison with other impact bars

The SOUCY HD impact bar is durable and always snaps back to its original shape thanks to its design: incorporating the best UHMW, rubber and manufactured using a single direct compression molding step. Contrary to most impact bars on the market, your bar is protected against deviation and delamination and can easily be replaced. See the SOUCY HD advantage in detail.

img-tableau competiteur1 competiteur2
SOUCY HD impact bar Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Price $ $ $$
Personalization T-Slot, color Color None
Availability Ready for immediate delivery Depends on container Manufactured to order
Capacity* 4 millions tons 1 million ton Unknown
Rebound 46,87% 65,67% 100%
Channel deformations None Major after limited use Major
Change time Non-binding Corrosion cause binding between channel, t-bolt and frame Corrosion cause binding between channel, t-bolt and frame
Warranty Lifetime None None
*Tested on a primary conveyor

SOUCY HD impact bars

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